Monday, 26 January 2009

TNA makes an Impact at the Wembley Arena

This January I attended the one of the TNA 2009 Maximum Impact! Tour shows held at Wembley Arena.

Having visited WWE Raw and WWE Smackdown tapings in the past I decieded I would visit more live profesional wrestling events. After a few years of always learning about these events when the titckets had been sold out I managed this time to get some tickets early on.

As far as the show went it was a really good show and had some great moments and some of the wrestlers showing off some awesome moves.

Having seen some of TNA's TV shows on Bravo and because of that I was expecting a lot of high flying moves so I took my camera along to get some cool action shots. To TNA's credit there were plenty of good action shots for me to take but sadly due to my lousy camera work the action was a little too quick for me to time a photo with and I ended up with a lot of blurry and out of focus shots which were taken either before or after the "Oh my how did they pull that move off!!" moments.

If only I had the ability to slow down time I might have been able to take an uber cool photo.

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