Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Fantastic MacBook Repair Service

At the beginning of April I noticed that I could not remove my battery from my MacBook. I called Apple and got an appointment at the new Apple Store in Milton Keynes to have a look at my MacBook. The guys at the Genius Bar looked over my MacBook and managed to remove the battery but they said the latch to hold the battery in place was stuck and needed repair and they quoted a 5-7 day repair time.

After 5-7 days went by I got a call from the Apple Store saying the part had been replaced but the part they replaced it with also had an issue so they had to reorder the part and it would take another 5-7 days. Again 5-7 days went by and they called and said the part had not come in and it hopefully would be another day.

About 2 days went by got a call saying the part was taking too long and instead of waiting they would give me a new MacBook!

Anyway I now have a brand new MacBook (they took a new one out of the box and transferred my data across). I now have a newer MacBook with a better spec (I had the old 2.0 C2D now have a 2.4 C2D)

Top result! I have worked in electrical and PC retail and know that repairs can take some time and sometimes things go wrong so I was understanding about the delay but I was not expecting them to say it's taking too long so here's a new one. Thanks Apple Store MK.